Domestic Stain Removal

Stain Removal

When it’s too late for the use of protection products, we also offer a range which is specifically designed to remove a whole host of different stains. So no matter what stains are currently afflicting your carpets or upholstery, we are confident that we have the perfect product to tackle them.

Grease & Oil Remover

For stains like lipstick, tar, adhesive and oil, our Grease and Oil Remover is ideal. And while it is highly effective in the removal of such stains, it is still gentle enough to use on any fabric or carpet. That’s because it’s water-based and made primarily from natural ingredients.

World Famous Spot Remover available from Chem-Dry Central Stain Extinguisher available from Chem-Dry Central Dust Mite Anti-Allergen available from Chem-Dry Central Grease & Oil Remover available from Chem-Dry Central

Plus, once the stain has been tackled, the product evaporates, leaving your fabric or carpet beautifully restored to its pristine best.

Dust Mite Anti-Allergen

Dust mites can often be the cause of allergies and irritations. Tackle them head on for a healthier home.

Our Dust Mite Anti-Allergen is non-harmful to humans and pets, being a water based solution. It is effective in halting dust mite allergens commonly found in carpets, settees and mattresses.

Why consider putting chemicals or pesticides onto your soft furnishings when Dust Mite Anti-Allergen from Chem-Dry provides a safe, environmentally friendly alternative.

Stain Extinguisher® and World Famous® Spot Remover

If you require stain removal with clout, our Stain Extinguisher® and World Famous® Professional Strength Spot Remover is a must for your cleaning cupboard. That’s because, due to it being so concentrated, it is up to 33% stronger than other products for stain removal.

In addition to this unrivalled stain removal, it is also suitable for use on a range of carpets and upholstery, including auto-interiors.

P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment)

It is in a dog or cat's nature to mark their territory. Unfortunately for you, this can be up the leg of a sofa, on the carpet or alongside your curtains.

Cat and Dog Urine Stain Removal available from Chem-Dry Central

As part of our stain removal service, Chem-Dry Central provide an effective cat / dog urine stain removal known as P.U.R.T. which works on removing the stain, as well as Pet Odour Remover which tackles the unpleasant odour.

As soon as our cleaning solution comes into contact with the urine stain, a process begins to break down the odour. Within 36 hours you can expect all whiffs and smells to be gone. It cannot be guaranteed, but you may find that your pet no longer uses the area to mark their territory as the former smell will have been eradicated.

Our pet urine treatments can be applied to the carpet pile, carpet backing and the underlay if required to make sure a thorough job is done.

So when you think of stain removal, think of Chem-Dry Central - 0800 048 3581. We are based in Nottingham but also cover Derby, Coventry, Loughborough and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!

Domestic Stain Removal