Leak Detection Surveys

Leak Detection Survey

Chemdry Central are pleased to offer their domestic and commercial customers a comprehensive leak detection service.

Using all the latest high tech equipment and with coverage across the Midlands we are sure to be the answer to your leak detection needs, and we know that you will require fast results with minimal disruption.

If you have noticed any of the following at your property you may benefit from our services:

  • Unexplained drop in boiler pressure
  • Unexplained rise in water bill
  • Unexplained water damage to décor or floor coverings
  • Your plumber advises that a leak is present but is unable to identify location using non-intrusive methods
Leak Detection Survey Leak Detection Survey

Our reports are also recognised by the Insurance Industry (should your Home cover also include Trace and Access cover) and our pricing is competitive.

Our services include the following:

Moisture Surveys – We include a moisture profile that identifies, on a floor plan, the source of the leak, the affected areas and the moisture readings in each area. We will also recommend dehumidification where required.

Tracer Gas – Tracer gas is especially useful to detect leaks where the water pipe is not under pressure, where the damage is not easily visible, or where noise from the leak cannot be heard. The pipework is emptied of water and gas is introduced throughout the pipework of the central heating system. Our gas sensitive monitors detect the hydrogen/nitrogen and establish where the gas is escaping. It’s a simple and safe way of tracking the pipe work to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The process is completely nontoxic and non corrosive.

Thermography – Thermography is best suited to detecting hot water leaks and is a non-invasive/non-destructive method of detecting hidden problems for pipework embedded in concrete floors or behind walls. The thermal imaging camera will detect thermal energy where the naked eye can’t, and will identify hidden water leaks and their origins. Our reporting provides a visual interpretation of problem areas and is recognised by the insurance industry.

Salts Analysis/Dye Testing – can be used to establish if the water damage is resulting from an ingress of ground / rainwater or drains. It’s a simple yet effective chemical test that can be carried out on site, producing instant results that can be easily interpreted.

Pipe Excavation & Repair

Asbestos Sampling – All our technicians have undertaken training in asbestos awareness and are able to take an asbestos sample of any material discovered on site deemed to be a possible Asbestos Containing Material (ACM). Following the results we can provide advice and direction on dealing with asbestos if discovered.

Please call us to discuss how we can be of assistance, we are always happy to help – 0800 0483581.

Leak Detection Survey Leak Detection Survey