Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Care

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Various commercial businesses and market sectors benefit from Chem-Dry's unique commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning services. Whether in retail, office, public institutions such as government bodies or local authorities, Chem-Dry Central are dedicated in providing the best commercial upholstery cleaning and carpet care in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of our Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, fabrics and upholstery are significant business investments and contribute to crafting your business' identity. Cleanliness and hygiene will be an important part of the image you wish to present to your customers, yet it is only through proper maintenance and regular cleaning will their usefulness be extended and preserve an admirable appearance for years to come.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning provided by our commercial carpet cleaners will not just protect your flooring and investment, it will provide a healthier working environment and protect your greatest asset of all - your organisation's image.

Chem-Dry Central provides bespoke maintenance plans which are flexible enough to work around your business in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. These can include carpet and upholstery care and maintenance, commercial carpet cleaning services, commercial upholstery cleaning services and further additional bespoke services.

Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our range of services to commercial clients include:-

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Upholstery Cleaning
  • Commercial Curtain Cleaning
  • Commercial Rug Cleaning

These services are provided by Chem-Dry Central's highly trained carpet cleaners, who hold vast experience commercial carpet cleaning, commercial upholstery cleaning and the maintenance of commercial fabrics such as rugs and curtains.

Why replace your soft furnishings when a Chem-Dry clean can restore them to showroom condition? The cost of replacing your carpets, as opposed to cleaning them, can be up to ten times more expensive. Don't believe the myth that carpets can not enjoy a lengthy life in commercial locations. Chem-Dry has been expanding the life of once dirty carpets, fabrics and upholstery for various local and national companies in the UK for over 20 years.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning & Carpet Care that Respects the Environment

More and more clients choose to trade with companies who display 'Green Credentials' (especially buyers from Local Authorities and Government Bodies).

Opting for our commercial upholstery cleaning could be the first step towards achieving a reduction in your carbon footprint - by not adding your sofas, carpets and other upholstered items of furniture to the ever growing landfill problem.

Over 15 Years of Commercial Excellence

If you regularly pass through an airport, queue in a high street bank, or relax in a restaurant or cinema, there is a good chance that the carpets under your feet and the upholstery that you sit on will have been cleaned by Chem-Dry carpet and upholstery cleaners at some point. Hotels, office blocks, residential homes and hospitals are other locations regularly cleaned by Chem-Dry.

  • Chem-Dry is recognised and trusted by some of the leading names in the UK insurance industry
  • All work is carried out in full compliance with the relevant legislative requirements

If your business requires commercial upholstery cleaners for the restoration of your upholstery & fabrics, look no further than Chem-Dry Central. We are dedicated to serving your needs fully and thoroughly.

Chem-Dry Central are able to supply all of the relevant Health and Safety documentation such as:-

  • Health and safety policy statement
  • Risk assessment and method statement
  • COSHH sheets for all products

Chem-Dry Central hold the ISO 9001:2000 accreditation and must carry £5 million pounds worth of public liability insurance.

We also have achieved SAFE contractor certification status, in recognition of reaching their health and safety standards.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Recommendations

If you require carpet & upholstery cleaning within your organisation, contact us to arrange a demonstration, we will commit to providing your business with a 'knock your socks off service'. We are based in Nottingham but also cover Derby, Coventry, Loughborough and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning